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Opti, taking place at the Fairground Munich from the 12th to the 14th of January 2018, is expanding its exhibitor and product portfolio: Important world market leaders and other exciting companies from the fields of machinery, components and raw materials will present themselves in the newly added Hall B4. Some of them are participating at the international trade show for optics and design in Munich for the first time.

"It is another step forward for opti," says opti Project Manager Bettina Reiter. In Hall B4, the trade show will bring together exhibitors from the fields of machinery, components and raw materials. Some of them are participating for the first time. "The fact that they are using the trade show to present themselves indicates the growing prominence of opti," stresses Reiter. By bringing these exhibitors together in one hall, including world market leaders such as Satisloh, Schneider, Optotech and MEI, opti is opening up new visitor target groups and is offering existing exhibitors new contact opportunities. These too will ultimately benefit from the products and services of the new companies.

The company OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner is appearing at opti for the first time. "We produce the moving components of the glasses, i.e., hinges and screws," says Marketing Director Frank Schroeder. OBE has a comprehensive standard range of these core components, but also produces customised parts on request and depending on the quantity. Overall, the company, which was awarded the Environmental Technology Award of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 2017, fits 50 million frames with components every year, according to Schroeder. "This makes us one of the key suppliers to the eyewear industry." Among others, OBE will present the "flexUno" spring hinge system at the trade show, which is used in many eyeglass frames and is suitable for all materials, such as metal, wood and plastic. In addition, the company wants to expand their brand awareness to opticians and demonstrate how OBE hinges can be easily replaced without having to send the whole leg to the manufacturer.

CIPRES Technology Systems is also exhibiting at opti for the first time. The company supplies eyeglass frames which are produced by selective laser sintering. This 3D printing technology offers "design freedom" and has an "enormous savings potential for small and medium quantities," says Plant Manager Ingrid Prestien. Thanks to so-called e-colouring, the colours are resistant to light, UV radiation, sweat and are water- and abrasion-proof. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) enables the company to produce full eyeglass frames as well as parts, such as hinges or fronts, for its customers directly from 3D data. At opti, the company will be displaying "new smooth surfaces - an absolute innovation in the world of additive manufacturing," explains Prestien. Their target group are companies that want to manufacture 1 to 40,000 pairs of glasses per year.

The company MEI Srl, founded in Italy in 1985, will also make its debut at opti. MEI manufactures machines and systems for glass processing. Its customers include worldwide glass manufacturers, as well as the grinding laboratories of large optician chains. "opti will offer MEI the possibility to give up-close demonstrations to local and international industry professionals and to further explain to them the many advantages of their compact solutions for opticians and labs," says MEI´s Marketing Director Luca Rinaldi. Another Italian company is LA/ES, which has been producing cellulose acetate sheets since the '50s in Italy and the '80s in China. "Cellulose Acetate  is still the most important plastic material used to manufacture optical and sunglasses frames," says Raffaella Cremonesi from LA/ES. In Munich, the company will present a number of new collections. "We think," Cremonesi says, "that opti has become a very convenient place to do business and meet people from all over Europe and America."

In total, 13 exhibitors from the fields of machinery, components and raw materials will be found in Hall B4: Satisloh, Schneider, OptoTech Optikmaschinen, MEI, Cotec, Fan-Tom, TECOPTIQUE, OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner, Silcon Plastic, CIPRES Technology Systems, LA/ES, DECORACET and UNT Usinage Et Nouvelle. A comprehensive list of all exhibitors is available at www.opti.de/en/catalogue.